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LIAD has been a pioneer in plastic manufacturing technologies for over 35 years, and is today the leading developer of innovative feeders, blenders and quality control equipment.

LIAD's technologically advanced feeders and blenders are complemented by a sales team with many years of expertise in plastics and building industry partnerships. This winning combination of technology and business development enables new business opportunities for plastic manufacturers worldwide, and opens the door to unlimited possibilities in plastic production.

LIAD seeks long-term customer satisfaction, providing engineering systems designed with innovation, dedication and attention to the smallest detail.

  • Plastic Manufacturers - Improve company margins and efficiency by upgrading your manufacturing capabilities
  • OEM Partners - Extend your product line with the industry's most advanced manufacturing technologies 

35 years of expertise in plastics 

  • Feeders - LIAD feeders are the most advanced in the industry. LIAD was the first to introduce a single component gravimetric feeder for injection molding machines - ColorSave 1000, and is now the first to introduce a micro-resolution gravimetric feeder for small dosing ColorSave-Micro.
  • Blenders - LIAD blenders have changed the way the industry operates. LIAD was the first to introduce the concept of centralized blenders PelletSave, and is now the first to introduce a blender for masterbatch production. BlendSave.
  • Quality Control - LIAD is making sure that production is done right. LIAD has always offered real-time analysis of production status, and is now allowing factories to do even more. 

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