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The plastic technology fair Interplast 2018 will be held in Joinville, Brazil next week and we are proud to participate in this event. Come visit us at HDB COMÉRCIO E INDÚSTRIA LTDA, booth 358 to take a closer look at our gravimetric dosing unit ColorSave 1000.
There are a number of possibilities that can be used with masterbatch to produce a product that incorporates the properties of the masterbatch homogeneously. In this article we’ll survey the main methods, from the use of compound, through batch blenders, to masterbatch dosers. We’ll examine the main advantages and disadvantages of each method. Compound Compound is a... Read More
An Inner Hopper
The ColorSave 1000 is known as the best gravimetric feeder on the market. Beyond the advanced algorithms used by the feeder, the convenient user interface, and easy operation, the ColorSave 1000 has an additional significant advantage – an internal weighing hopper. The weighing hopper (including its load cell) is within an outer container, so the weighing apparatus isn't... Read More
Electric Signal from Injection Molding Machine to 2 ColorSave 1000 Units
It is sometimes necessary to connect two ColorSave 1000 units to an injection molding machine. For example, one of the units would dose masterbatch while the second unit would dose anti-UV material or flame retardant. Both units are to be connected on one neckpiece, and both are to be given the same electrical signal by means of dry contact from the injection molding... Read More
Plast 2018 Exhibition
The Plast 2018 Exhibition in Milan continues and you're Invited to visit us at ST.A.TE Technologies S.r.l., Pav. 11 B21 and Pav. 24 B11, and at WOOJIN Plaimm GmbH, Pav. 24 A41/B42. There is great interest in our product ColorSave 1000.
PLAST Milan 2018
We will be displaying our ColorSave 1000 at PLAST Milan - AMP Amaplast Showcase Page - Tuesday, May 29, 2018 to Friday, June 1, 2018. Join us at ST.A.TE Technologies S.r.l., Pav. 11 B21 and Pav. 24 B11, and at WOOJIN Plaimm GmbH, Pav. 24 A41/B42.
Plasty Conference 2018
Uri Eisenstein, our General Manager, has the honor of speaking at the Konference Plasty a Formi 2018 conference in Brno, Czech Republic to an audience of 150 people from the local plastics industry. The topic of my talk was Material Mixing Techniques. Uri discussed different methods of preparing mixtures gravimetrically, and the advantages and disadvantages of each method.
Join Us at NPE 2018!
Join Us at NPE 2018! Come visit us at Advanced Blending Solutions LLC, West Hall Level 2 - Expo Hall - W8063, and speak with one of our representatives to learn more! We will be displaying our BlendSave, SpectroSave, ColorSave 1000 and ColorSave-Micro.
We are proud to participate in a WOOJIN PLAIMM in house exhibition in Boeun-gun, South Korea. We show our gravimetric dosing unit ColorSave 1000. ColorSave 1000 works perfect on WOOJIN's injection molding machines. Mr. Charles Hyung-Mo Chung, LIAD's County Manager in South Korea is doing a great job there.
ColorSave 1000 for high temperature materials
Gravimetric systems for additive dosing are usually meant for work with materials at regular temperatures, i.e. 50C to 450 C. In some cases it's necessary to dose materials at higher temperatures, reaching 1200 C and sometimes up to 2000 C. Working at this high temperature range is very challenging and regular gravimetric feeders can't take it – they malfunction and are... Read More