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BlendSave for Plastic Manufacturers
Optimal Flow Management of Raw Materials in Plastics BlendSaveTM is a multi-channel batch compounder that optimizes raw material flow management. Enhanced batch consistency, high throughput, and greater profits are here… The existing process of weighing, blending and conveying - which plastics manufacturers have accepted as “standard practice,” is fraught with waste,... Read More
Huge banner
Have you ever had a large wall you wanted to hide, but also to utilize? Here's a creative solution we found at LIAD: We covered it with a huge banner - 12.5 meters long - with pictures of our leading products.
Packing BlendSave to NPE 2018
LIAD will be displaying its BlendSave, SpectroSave, ColorSave 1000 and ColorSave-Micro at NPE 2018. BlendSave is already on its way to Orlando.
BlendSave™ is LIAD’s patented centralized blending and weighing system. BlendSave creates new homogeneous masterbatch from a combination of mono-masterbatches (SPD’s). BlendSave operates by simultaneously weighing all needed resins and SPD’s for each recipe within its 14 weighing chambers, each of which is dedicated to a specific raw material, and then releases the entire... Read More
Multi cavity mold
Anyone who has ever worked with a multi-cavity mold knows that sometimes there may be a problem in one or more of the cavities, such as a scratch in the cavity, a leaky nozzle, a foreign object in the nozzle tip, etc. In such a case, the right thing to do is to stop and repair the mold. However, in real life that is frequently not an option, since there are customers'... Read More
A team-building trip 2017
As we do every year, we went on a team-building trip. This time we enjoyed ourselves in Tel Aviv. We began in the Sarona complex in Tel Aviv, where we heard a talk about the history of the complex, walked through the market, and dined in a restaurant. From there we went on to a complex of escape rooms, where we split up into groups and played. It was challenging and... Read More
We're Hiring!
Liad Weighing and Control Systems is looking for Software engineer for leading the software development of an electo-optical system. Responsibilities: - Leading the development of the embedded and PC (.NET) parts of the software - Integration with the hardware - Performance of the laboratory testing of the integrated system - Participation in deployment and testing of the... Read More
Tetro Ltd.
The Chinese company, Tetro Ltd., an integrated multi discipline manufacturer, has chosen us as its leading supplier of central weighing, mixing and feeding systems, after checking extensively and testing other suppliers. At present, two of our PelletSave systems are installed at Tetro Ltd., in addition to dozens of ColorSave units.
Everyone's familiar with the method of filling color dosing systems using a Venturi loader, which is based on air pressure principles and is common to most dosing systems. But have you heard of Venturi emptying? We at LIAD have developed a unique venturi emptying mechanism for our ColorSave 1000 dosing unit models. Of course, in order to change colors in a dosing unit it... Read More
Plastic Coloring - LIAD 2018
LIAD Weighting and Control Systems proudly introduces our newest plastic technologies: ColorSave-Micro, BlendSave and SpectroSave. Click here to watch the presentation.