Highly precise and accurate feeding of plastics additives. LIAD’s feeders are designed specifically to achieve the highest possible quality of a final product, while minimizing the use of materials.


Accurate, efficient and cost-effective blending of raw materials. LIAD’s gravimetric blending technologies are the number one choice of industry’s leaders.

Quality Control

Smart technologies for ensuring a total control over the quality in real-time.

LIAD’s technologies are used by the leaders in the plastics manufacturing. Join the giants of the industry today!

Used in factories across the Globe, 

LIAD innovation is leading the growth of the plastics manufacturing industry.

Speak directly with our engineers and start reducing cost, inventory and time.

Ampacet Israel

It is with great pleasure that we announce the acquisition of LIAD Weighing and Control Systems by Ampacet Corporation, a global solutions provider to the plastics industry with research development centers and manufacturing sites throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe.

BlendSave, Making Plastics Manufacturing Smarter

The significant transformation taking place in the manufacturing world due to the advent of Industry 4.0 is becoming extremely compelling. This fourth industrial revolution is taking computers and automation enhancing them with smart and autonomous systems. Even before becoming the buzz word it has become today, LIAD designed its products guided by an Industry 4.0 philosophy…

Spectro 4.0

A Revolution in Color & Control

A New Multi-Channel, In-line Spectrometer is Dramatically Improving Color Quality Assurance in Plastics Manufacturing

The demands placed on quality control in today’s highly competitive and cost-sensitive plastics-manufacturing market have never been greater. It’s easy to understand…

Shaking Up Plastics

ColorSave-Micro is a Gravimetric Feeder that’s Shaking up the Plastics Industry

Gravimetric and volumetric feeders have become a standard in plastics manufacturing, as they lower masterbatch inventory costs and provide greater processing flexibility. However, when processing small products, today’s feeders are unable to consistently dispense accurate doses.

Our Values

Learn how LIAD can improve your manufacturing productivity efficiently

Pioneers in the industry

LIAD has been a pioneer in plastic manufacturing technologies for over 40 years, and is today the leading developer of innovative feeders, blenders and quality control equipment.


Our technologies are fully compliant with the standards of Industry 4.0 revolution.

Premium Customer Support

Our precisely selected technicians are here for you to assist with any question or issue you might have.

Reduce Time and Costs

Our technologies are created specifically to reduce cost and time of your manufacturing.

High precision

We provide solutions for highly accurate dosing that prevents over usage of materials, and, as a result, decrease costs.

Automated Procedures

All of our machines are enhanced with smart systems, allowing them to operate automatically with a minimal human interaction.


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