LIAD has a Vision for Innovating Plastics Manufacturing

LIAD blenders, feeders and quality control technologies are helping plastics manufacturers improve their efficiency.

Used in factories across the globe, LIAD innovation is leading the growth of the plastics industry.


Precise & accurate feeding for your plastics additives


Accurate, efficient and cost-effective blending

Quality Control

Real-time monitoring of quality and color

New Solutions
Better Production

Speak directly with our engineers and find ways to reduce cost, inventory and time


LIAD’s ColorSave-Micro is a gravimetric feeder
that’s shaking up the plastics industry!

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Plastic Technology

LIAD Plastic Technologies are Changing the World of Plastics

These new technologies will lead to lower production costs and greater material efficiency, specifically in respect to color, dosing and quality control.

Find out more in our ppt for new technologies.


Fully Automated Production of MB from SPD’s & Optimal Flow Management of Materials

BlendSave™ is LIAD’s patented centralized blending and weighing system. BlendSave creates new homogeneous masterbatch from a combination of mono-masterbatches (SPD’s).

BlendSave operates by simultaneously weighing all needed resins and SPD’s for each recipe within its 14 weighing chambers…


A Revolution in Color & Control

A New Multi-Channel, In-line Spectrometer is Dramatically Improving Color Quality Assurance in Plastics Manufacturing

The demands placed on quality control in today’s highly competitive and cost-sensitive plastics-manufacturing market have never been greater. It’s easy to understand…

Shaking Up Plastics

ColorSave-Micro is a Gravimetric Feeder that’s Shaking up the Plastics Industry

Gravimetric and volumetric feeders have become a standard in plastics manufacturing, as they lower masterbatch inventory costs and provide greater processing flexibility. However, when processing small products, today’s feeders are unable to consistently dispense accurate doses.

40 Years of Innovations!

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