Fully Automated Production of MB from SPC’s

BlendSave is LIAD’s patented centralized blending and weighing system. BlendSave creates new homogeneous masterbatch from a combination of mono-masterbatches (SPC’s).

BlendSave operates by simultaneously weighing all needed resins and SPC’s for each recipe within its 14 weighing chambers, each of which is dedicated to a specific raw material, and then releases the entire batch into a common funnel for conveying to the corresponding extruder. LIAD achieves superior batch uniformity by placing a particular mixer within the free fall hopper connected to the inlet of each extruder.

For masterbatch manufacturers with tens of different SPC’s LIAD integrates multiple BlendSave units into a single system linked via a PC-linked controller to establish a fully automated production of new masterbatches from combinations of SPC’s. The funnel of each of individual BlendSave of the integrated system releases the weighed recipe into a second common funnel. The complete batch is then sent via an automatic manifold and tubing to the corresponding extruder.

When considering the possibility of integrating 3 BlendSave units to handle 42 ingredients, the total required floor space is only 15 sqm.


Unmatched Accuracy and Uniformity

For applications where weight accuracy is of utmost importance, such as masterbatch compounding by combining SPC’s, BlendSave provides consistent, high-resolution weighing within 0.01g utilizing a multi-step process and small load cells.

Following the highly accurate weighing, the complete batch is dropped into a common funnel and automatic manifold and passed through a mixer within the free fall hopper located at the extruder inlet to ensure optimal batch uniformity.

This highly-accurate and fast flow enables BlendSave to service MB manufacturers most demanding requirements.

Switching Jobs & Contamination Prevention

BlendSave’s dedicated weighing chambers per raw material are fed directly from the materials silos, eliminating the need for sterilization and making the entire process of switching between jobs exceptionally smooth. As an additional measure, BlendSave uses a vacuum system and a high-pressured air blast between each batch to sterilize the common funnel and distributor pipe of the automatic manifold.

Program Monitoring

By utilizing BlendSave, factories have access to continuously updated information concerning equipment and material efficiency. As all the raw materials flow through a common system, BlendSave affords managers full monitoring and control of job status, batch auditing, historical graphs and performance reports for each machine and job via an interactive PC dashboard.


BlendSave enables factories producing masterbatches from SPC’s to improve efficiency by simplifying the flow of raw materials. Man-hours which used to be spent on batch preparations are dramatically reduced.

BlendSave enables to produce faster and with greater quality and control, opening new opportunities for growth and efficiency.

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