Integration of Dosing Systems in the Masterbatch Sales Process

A comprehensive solution that combines quality masterbatch, a suitable dosing solution and professional consultation affords the masterbatch manufacturer a competitive edge in the market, quality results and monetary savings. These advantages open doors with new customers.

Switching masterbatch suppliers in a factory involves a long process of testing and certification aimed at making sure that the properties of the finished product don’t vary. The testing begins with short production series and progresses to long series in order to make sure that the production is constant over time. This requires the investment of effort, time, and money on the part of the manufacturer, so he’s not likely to be eager to switch raw material suppliers.

Hence, when a masterbatch supplier is trying to win new customers, it’s important for him to highlight the additional value of working with him as opposed to working with the existing suppliers. Often, the difference doesn’t lie in the composition of the product since the active materials are similar. The main difference usually centers on the level of service and the price, which in themselves don’t always justify the effort involved in approving and switching to a new supplier.

LIAD Weighing and Control Systems offers a new approach to the matter, the gist of which is cooperation between masterbatch manufacturers and the company, which specializes in advanced dosing equipment. A masterbatch supplier who along with his products integrates a smart dosing system can present the end customer with a broad value chain that delivers a comprehensive solution. This change can give the masterbatch manufacturer an advantage over the competitors and provide the end customer with an added incentive to switch suppliers.

This advantage is especially evident with customers who work with high-quality masterbatch. These customers seek additional value in the product and are less sensitive to its price. In such cases the combination of the masterbatch and an accurate and advanced doser that comes with the proper support and the professional knowledge behind it allow for a higher quality end product. The product will contain a precise amount of additive, uniformly distributed in the product. In this way you can avoid underdosing or overdosing of additives that could negatively affect the product and weaken it.

A Broad Value Chain

The broad value chain solution is made up of three parts: quality masterbatch, an accurate doser, and consultation and integration services.

Part 1 – Quality masterbatch: Quality masterbatch is that in which the concentration of its ingredients is highly uniform over time. When the masterbatch is of poorer quality, the dosing solution is less critical. For example, when the pigment concentration is not uniform in the masterbatch, it doesn’t make sense to invest in a highly accurate doser. However, with high-quality masterbatch a smart, advanced doser could make a big difference in the cost and quality of the final product.

Part 2 – An advanced doser: LIAD offers the extremely accurate gravimetric feeders of the ColorSave 1000 series. When used with high-quality masterbatch they contribute to the production of higher-quality, lower-cost products. Besides these dosers, LIAD has gravimetric feeders of the ColorSave-Micro model, which are designed for especially low throughput. An especially advanced generation, unique to LIAD, is comprised of a feeder and SpectroSave – a spectrometer that is installed in line on the production line and checks the color quality of each product. The SpectroSave provides feedback to the doser so the dose is determined according to a precise optical assessment.

Part 3 – Consultation and integration: Taking advantage of LIAD’s experience contributes significantly to the success of the customer and consequently of the masterbatch supplier. The experience that has been amassed at LIAD over the years includes, for example, proper treatment of different granule sizes including micro-granules, dealing with sticky materials, dealing with static electricity, dosing that’s affected by problems in the vacuum system, filtering weighing noises that stem from the machine’s vibrations, coping with the raising and lowering of machines, consideration of ground material, and more.

ColorSave 1000

A comprehensive solution in the sales process

Surplus dosing of masterbatch makes the final product more expensive. This is especially true when the masterbatch is high-quality. Therefore, inaccurate dosing is a disadvantage especially for quality masterbatch suppliers. This disadvantage can turn into an advantage with the addition of a smart, advanced dosing system. The higher the quality of the masterbatch, the more significant is the loss resulting from the lack of the right doser for the raw material.

A supplier of quality masterbatch who adds on an advanced dosing solution along with all the support and accumulated knowledge at LIAD can offer the end customer savings of a few percent of the masterbatch purchase cost. This value is significant in a competitive market and can be a game changer in sales, increasing the ability to win new customers.

Many customers encounter problems in dosing, inconsistency, and many other problems. When the masterbatch supplier uses the strategy of integrating a dosing solution in the process of selling quality masterbatch, dosing problems that the customer is grappling with can present a sales opportunity. The integration of equipment-based solutions together with professional knowledge and support provide the masterbatch supplier with an opportunity to expand his operations.

A customer test case

One of the major manufacturers of concentrated masterbatch in the U.S. integrates a dosing solution as well, creating a bigger value chain for the end customer. The dosing of concentrated masterbatch must be highly accurate, as imprecise work may result in a flawed product and financial loss. The American masterbatch manufacturer understood this point and by combining his products with LIAD’s dosing solutions he provides his customers with a comprehensive, high-quality solution, which enhances his position in the market relative to his competitors.