Huge banner

Have you ever had a large wall you wanted to hide, but also to utilize? Here's a creative solution we found at LIAD: We covered it with a huge banner…

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Fully Automated Production of MB from SPC’s

BlendSave is LIAD’s patented centralized blending and weighing system. BlendSave creates new homogeneous masterbatch from a combination of mono-masterbatches (SPC’s). BlendSave operates by simultaneously weighing all needed resins and SPC’s for each recipe within…

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We’re Hiring!

Liad Weighing and Control Systems is looking for Software engineer for leading the software development of an electo-optical system. Responsibilities: - Leading the development of the embedded and PC (.NET)…

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Tetro Ltd.

The Chinese company, Tetro Ltd., an integrated multi discipline manufacturer, has chosen us as its leading supplier of central weighing, mixing and feeding systems, after checking extensively and testing other…

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Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year to all our customers and their families, to our distributors around the world who market our products and represent us faithfully and of course to our employees.…

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